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Article from the NYT: Getting to the Front of the Visa Line

Few things can dampen the joy of vacation anticipation more than the arduous process of obtaining a visa, especially for destinations such as Brazil, Russia, China and India. Wonky web forms, confounding instructions, long lines at embassies and ever-changing requirements — like Venezuela’s new immigration rules, which now require Americans to…  Read more here

The New York Times

Obtain Records of Prior Year Tax Returns Online

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now offers a way to obtain records of your past tax returns, also known as a tax transcript, online.  You have the option of downloading and printing your past tax returns immediately or you can request to have copies of the returns mailed to your home address.

To get a record of your past tax returns, please visit the IRS’s webpage at

Taste of Burma in NYC

“Tucked between flashier Chinese and Indian restaurants on Second Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is an unassuming storefront whose only markings are a simple awning and two blue neon words in the window: “Burmese Cooking.” The restaurant, Cafe Mingala, is so narrow and dwarfed by its neighbors that you’d probably never notice it. If you did pass it by, you’d miss out on New York City’s only dedicated Burmese restaurant….”  Read more here.