Visitor Visas – B1/B2 (NIV)

The vast majority of nonimmigrant visa applications received at the U.S. Embassy in Manila are for tourism or business travel.

Generally, someone who wishes to visit the United States must first obtain a visa. The type of visa you will need and the requirements to apply for that visa depend largely on your purpose of travel to the United States.

The “visitor” visa is a nonimmigrant visa for persons desiring to enter the United States temporarily for business (B-1), for pleasure or medical treatment (B-2), or a combination of both purposes (B-1/B-2).

Business Visitor Visas (B-1) are for business, including such things as a need to consult with business associates, negotiate a contract, buy goods or materials, settle an estate, appear in a court trial, and participate in business or professional conventions or conferences; or when an applicant will be traveling to the United States on behalf of a foreign employer for training or meetings. The individual may not receive payment (except for incidental expenses) from a United States source while on a B-1 visa. 

Visitor Visas (B-2) are issued for general pleasure/tourist travel, such as touring, visits to friends and relatives, visits for rest or medical treatment, social or fraternal conventions and conferences, and amateur/unpaid participants in cultural or sports events.

A consular officer will determine the visa category you will need based on the purpose of your travel and your supporting documentation. In most instances, consuls will issue a combined B-1/B-2 visa, recognizing that most business travelers may also wish to travel for tourist purposes.

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213 thoughts on “Visitor Visas – B1/B2 (NIV)

  1. Need to confirm an appointment date..We supposed to go for a wedding on 12th September, 2015 and supposed leave to the state on 7th of September, 2015 if visa is issued to us but the only available appointment Is Tuesday September 29, 2015.
    How do we get appointment date on this August or on before September 2, 2015 t enable us have an appointment date on time before the wedding.

    Your help will take us good way to achieve our faith.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr.& Mrs Daberechi

    • Hi Dabarechi. The Embassy’s call center numbers for information and appointment scheduling are: (02) 976-8500 to 02. For calls from mainland or continental United States, dial (703) 520-2235. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Manila time, Monday through Friday.

  2. Hi,
    Good Day! My name is Carla, Filipina. My husband is an American, we have been married for almost 10 years.
    For the last 4 years he was not able to visit me here in Philippines due to his medical condition. Both kidneys are not working,
    and he undergo dialysis every other day. I want to visit him. I wanna see him. But I dunno what to do because, he is not working. He served in the
    army before, so that is why he get some help from the government. I really wanna see him. It is really hard. I hope you can help
    what should I do . Please help me. Even just to visit and let me see him. what are the things i need to do?

    • HI Carla. If you intend to have a temporary visit in the US,you may apply for a B1/B2 visa. To apply for the nonimmigrant visitor (B1/B2) visa, you need to comply with the requirements provided at the Nonimmigrant Visas website . Applicant’s eligibility for the visa will be determined by a consular officer at the time of interview.
      To qualify for the visa, applicant should be able to demonstrate sufficiently strong familial, social, professional and economic ties to a country outside the United States that would compel return after her temporary stay in the United States.

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