Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is among the most terrible workplace abuses that an individual in the U.S. could encounter. Human trafficking occurs whenever a person is recruited, transported, or kept against his or her will for purposes of exploitation. For a full definition of human trafficking, please visit The following are a few of the warning signs:
• Beatings, physical abuse, sexual abuse or threats of such abuse,
• Locking in or restraining a worker,
• Threats of harm to the worker or the worker’s family if the worker tries to leave or complain about treatment,
• Threats of being deported or arrested for trying to leave, complain, or seek help for the worker’s situations,
• Denial of adequate food, sleep, or medical care,
• Preventing or restricting communicating freely with family or other workers,
• False promises about working conditions, living conditions, or pay.
If any of these occur while you or someone you know is working in the United States, get help immediately by calling 911 or the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (1-888-373-7888).

2 thoughts on “Human Trafficking

  1. my niece,11 years old,holding a US citizen passport will be travelling with me to the US from the phils.what documents does she needs in travelling?

    • For your niece to enter the U.S., she only needs her U.S. passport. You may wish to check with the Philippine Government about exit requirements.

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