Welcome to VISAtisfied Voyager!   The U.S. Embassy aims to provide timely and important information to anyone interested in learning more about the nonimmigrant and immigrant visa process.  The posts in this blog are aimed to convey specific pieces of information to the general public.  Remarks and comments are welcome but not all will be published on the site. 

For more information on Immigrant visas, click under the “Immigrant Visa” page.  For more information on Nonimmigrant visas, click under the “Nonimmigrant Visa” page.  Please share any useful information!

Unfortunately, individual requests or questions about a specific case cannot be answered in this venue.   For more information about specific cases, visit http://manila.usembassy.gov.

Stay tuned for our first posts!

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Very impressed with the new system in place including the very beaufiful new office.

    Equally impressed with the ability of the visa officer to conduct the interview in Pilipino.

  2. Thank you so much for providing this service! What a confidience builder when the interactions answer questions that arise, and cover areas that you didn’t realize may be most important. Again, thank you!

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