Nonimmigrant Visas for Children (NIV)

Below are responses to common questions about nonimmigrant visas for children or minors:

Who are considered minors?

Applicants who are 17 years old and below.

Do children need a visa to travel to the United States?

All foreign nationals visiting the U.S., regardless of age, must obtain a visa or must qualify to travel without a visa through the Visa Waiver Program.

Do children need to schedule an interview appointment and pay the visa application fee?

Yes. Every applicant (except those applying for diplomatic visas) requires an interview appointment and needs to pay the machine-readable visa application fee.

Do children need to appear at the Embassy for the interview?

Yes. Minor applicants must appear at the Embassy with at least one parent for the interview. If the minor is an orphan or if both parents are outside of the Philippines, a legal guardian must be present during the interview.

What documents should parents bring to their children’s interviews?

In addition to other documents visa applicants may prepare, parents should always bring their own passports with valid U.S. visas and the children’s original birth certificates on National Statistics Office (NSO) security paper.

Do children need to give 10-print finger scans?

Applicants below 14 years old are exempt from the 10-print finger scan requirement.

How do consular officers evaluate the visa applications of children?

In adjudicating the applications of minors, the interviewing officer will look at their parents’ social, family, and economic ties and the applicants’ educational status, grades, and long-term plans and prospects in the Philippines.

136 thoughts on “Nonimmigrant Visas for Children (NIV)

  1. Good day!

    My mother is a Greencard holder and has already filed a petition but its taking too long that im already over 21 years old.
    My question is. Is it possible for me to apply for a tourist visa to visit her in the states? will it affect the petition? or do u you suggest we will just wait for it? Thank you!

    • hi JC. While the existence of an immigrant petition is in one sense evidence that a person is an intending immigrant, and thus subject to refusal, consular officers also recognize that the applicant may not be intending to immigrate at this time. Having an immigrant petition on file is not grounds for an automatic refusal, but as an applicant, s/he will need to provide strong evidence that s/he intends to leave the United States after his/her planned visit.

      The application procedures and requirements are provided in the Nonimmigrant Visa website. To note, your mom will be assessed by the Consular Officer based on her social, familial, professional, economic ties to a country outside the United States that would compel return after her temporary stay in the US.

      To know more about Demonstrating Ties, you/ she may read on our blog post 214(b) Refusals.

  2. I have a bf he is a u,s citizen we already 2years together but he just only back and forth here in japan and its bcoz we are not yet married because his divorced is not finalized yet,but the problem now is im already 7month pregnant,he tell me he gonna sign the paperwork for my baby so that way the baby is gonna be a u.s citizen ,so if he gonna do that and we are not married how can i go with them in the states if we are not married yet,he tell me we gonna pass a aplication for a tourist visa for me and telling to the immig.that we need to bring the baby in the states to meet er grandma and grandpa so what its more better to do so that way we can go with him to states together with our baby?we dont know what we gonna do,i hope u can help to answer what we need in this situation,thanks

    • Applicants intending to live in the U.S. must have a petition filed on their behalf with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office. Information regarding the requirements and procedures is available from the USCIS website at The petitioner may also wish to contact the USCIS office which has jurisdiction over his residence or the USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) toll-free at 1-800-375-5283 regarding this matter.

  3. Hi

    My sister is on student visa and she is going to graduate so is it possible for me which i am under 18 to get a visit visa? What are the chances that i will get ? The visa application will be for my mom and me but my dad has 5 years visa.

    Thank you

    • Mohammad, one’s eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa will be determined at the time of interview with a consular officer. To qualify for the visitor visa, an applicant should be able to demonstrate sufficiently strong familial, social, professional and economic ties to a country outside the United States that would compel return after a temporary stay in the United States. Ties are various aspects of one’s life that bind one to his/her country of residence, like one’s profession, employment, social and family relationships, and properties. In cases of younger applicants like you who may not have had an opportunity to establish such ties, the interviewing officer may look at the situation of your parents and their ties, and your long-range plans and prospects within your country of residence.

  4. Hi. I’m from Mexico and at this day I’m living in Germany. Last month I have a baby, who’s born in Germany. What do I need to travel to Mexico but thru United States.. Do my child need a visa? By the time we travel, he’s going to be 6 months old. The travel will Dusseldorf – Houston – Monterrey, and the time in Houston will be only on transit.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  5. Hi!my 2 yr old child had a us citizen father.we are not married but my child was acknowledge by his father to use his surname.can i also apply a visa if my child was petition to go to usa

    • Gisselle, you are welcome to apply for a visa if you intend to travel to the U.S. The type of visa you would need to apply for would depend on your purpose of travel. Please visit our website for information on U.S visas. If the purpose of your trip is only to visit the U.S. temporarily then you can apply for a nonimmigrant visa. However, if you intend to permanently relocate to the U.S., then you would need an immigrant visa.

  6. Hi , iam an illegal usa citizen . When i came to the us i was 4, and know im turning 15 on december with a son that was born on April. I want to apply for my green card or any permit that i can. First reason is for my son, secound its because i have the chances to go to the university. I only live with my mom, i dont know where my father is what can i do ?

  7. Hello, my mother filed a petition for me in 2007 (although I was not interested) but she was a green card holder and was not successful. She has been a US citizen through naturalisation for the past 4 years. I am still not interested in being a US immigrant so do u think I should apply for a b1/ b2 visa? What are the chances of me getting it? I’m from Trinidad.

    • Hi Adelia. If your purpose is to visit/ travel to the US temporarily, you may opt to apply for a tourist (B1/B2) visa. The You will be assessed by the Consular Officer based on your social, familial, professional, economic ties to a country outside the United States that would compel return after your temporary stay in the US. To know more about Demonstrating Ties, you may read on our blog post 214(b) Refusals.

  8. Good Day!

    I would like to ask what would the process be to allow my son to travel to the US with his grandmother. His father and I will be working on a ship mid next year and will be assigning my mother as his legal guardian for the rest of our contract (8-12 months). There is a possibility that my mother will be travelling to the US to visit some relatives…she has been to the US a couple of times and has a multi-entry visa. She is the only one we can trust with our son during our contract that’s why there’s a need for her to bring my son during her travels.

    Hope you can help. Thanks.

    • Hi Capri. If the purpose of tha travel is to do a temporary visit, the application procedures and requirements are provided in the <a href="Nonimmigrant Visas website“>Nonimmigrant Visas website . However, the Immigration Bureau may require other documents for a minor to travel with a grandparent in the absence of the parents. It is best that you contact the appropriate office for this matter.

  9. I am already a holder of a US visa and i wanted to visit the US for a few days so my family could see my baby who is just a few months old. I was wondering if I need to apply for a visa for her being that she is just a few months old.
    I am her father

  10. Good evening
    The father of my two kids wants me to bring his children to visit him during summer, I do I apply with my kids, and book appointment for one day and same time…. I have my passport while they have theirs. One is 5 years while the other one is 2 year

  11. Hiii, Im from Egypt, my brother is a US citizen, my parents GC holders first can i renew my B1/B2 or apply for F1 visa i have been there for 3 times and never overstayed.
    second will the status of my parents affect the decision of the consular regarding any of the visas mentioned above.
    PS. I am a single girl , 32 yrs old

    Please feed me back

    • Hi, R. Youseff. You may apply for a new B1/B2 visa to visit the U.S. or a student (F-1) visa, if you intend to study in the United States. Your eligibility for the visa will be determined by a consular officer at the time of your interview.To qualify for the visa, you should be able to demonstrate sufficiently strong familial, social, professional and economic ties to a country outside the United States that would compel your departure after your temporary stay in the United States. You may wish to inquire with the U.S. Embassy in Egypt for the application procedure and requirements for B1/B2 and F-1 visas. The contact information is provided at their website:

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