Avoiding DS-160 Pitfalls (NIV)

All applicants must complete the DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application. Applicants can access the DS-160 from the Consular Electronic Application Center website:  https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/.

In order to avoid delays in processing visa applications, visa applicants must ensure that the following information is correctly provided: complete name (surname, first name, middle name), passport information (the passport used in filling out the form must be the same passport presented on the day of the interview), other names (for married female applicants, type complete maiden name), purpose of trip (if the answer falls under “Other,” specify the purpose of travel in the blank provided), primary occupation (if the answer falls under “Other,” specify the occupation in the blank provided), contact person and address in the U.S., and the complete names of the applicant’s parents.

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  1. On the question on being ten-printed, upon entering the U.S. at the port of entry, travelers are ten-printed when interviewed by the immigration officer. Does that mean we say ‘Yes’ to the question? Or is this only in the context of a Visa application?

  2. im a prv acr I card holder, married to a filipina in W samar, been living in PH and married here for about 1 year, I would like to take my filipina spouse back to USA just to visit and meet my family there for the first time, my parents are age 83 and 90, i have no intentions of moving back to USA, and my wife definately does not want to live there, we just want to visit my elderly parents b4 too much longer, an x immigration officer told me apply for immigrant visa since a better chance for approval, My wife and I won’t no part in lying about our plans just to visit family and return to PH, but we really can’t afford big delays or waiting and then find out of her denial of a tourist visa. Can my Parents ages and the fact they are under constant medical care, coronary problems help expedite a tourist visa application and how do we proceed?

    • Hello – a medical emergency is one reason that a tourist visa application would be considered for an expedited appointment for an interview with a consular officer. If your family is experiencing a medical emergency and you want to apply for the expedited appointment, apply through the link in our earlier blog post and request an emergency appointment. An approval or denial will be sent to you. If you are approved for an emergency appointment, it is not a guarantee of getting a tourist visa. The applicant will be evaluated by the consular officer based on social, family, and econcomic ties.

      • social,family,economical ties is my point to worry about her approval on tourist visa, her family is nearby, we only rent an apartment, she has no business here, im on social security disablity, her work is caring for me, simply put she wants to live where i live, i want to live in PH not usa just want her to visit family with me maybe only a month stay we don’t want to be gone longer from PH.

        • Hi Rick. To qualify for the visitor visa, your wife must be able to demonstrate sufficiently strong familial, social, professional and economic ties to the Philippines that would compel return after a temporary stay in the United States. For more information on ties, please read our previous blog post at http://blogs.usembassy.gov/philippines/?p=217

  3. During the filling of the DS-160 My name, my father, my mother and spouse name were asked. Should I place their full name including their middle name at the Given name field? My passports info does not have my middle name at the GIVEN NAME field how ever my previous US Visa has a middle name at the GIVEN Name field.

      • what if the middle name was not indicated in the submitted ds160? could i just explain or clarify this at the date of interview? it was not clearly stated that the middle name should be indicated as well. it only has two fields – surname and given name. please advise.

  4. I am now retired. The DS-160 form asked about previous employment. I typed in the name of the compay I used to work for, but now the company has ceased operation. I mentioned that fact also. I still gave the previous address of the company when it was still operating. Do I need to mention the previous phone numbers or do I just have to type – not applicable.The building is now occupied by another company some of whose employees were previous employees my previous employer. Do I have to give the phone no. of the new company? I presume I still have to give the name of my previous supervisor.

    • Right, just include the name of your previous supervisor and if the phone number is no longer connected to your previous company, you can write “not applicable” and just be prepared to answer questions if asked about your former job.

  5. After submitting the application form DS-160 there is an option there to “start a family application”. What is a family application? My husband and I are both applying for a nonimmigrant visa and both of us have accomplished separate DS-160 form. Will we still qualify for a family application?

    • Family application is an option in accomplishing the DS-160 form wherein certain information from your application, such as contact information, is automatically imported to and displayed on the application of each family member. If you use this option, you must still create an individual application for each family member. If you and your husband have already accomplished your individual DS-160 applications, there is no need to create a family application.

  6. I am a student, but there’s a field in the DS-160 asking for a brief description of duties. Do I just need to put N/A or could I state my year and the date of my graduation in that field? Thanks

  7. I would also want to ask that for the mother’s name do I need to put her complete name when she was still single or complete name when she was already married? thanks

  8. In the Philippines, we have middle name (mother’s maiden surname). What field should I include this, within Surnames or Given names?

  9. I don’t have connection to a printer from home. Can I print the confirmation page from another PC connected to a printer or what other options do I have?

    • Yes, you should be able to log onto another computer in order to print your confirmation page by going to the website and using your password.

  10. After submitting my DS-160 i discovered that I mistakenly put my residence phone number under the field for work phone number. Do I have to fill up a new application in order to correct this error, or is there a way to amend my submitted DS-160?

    • Hi Rogie. Applicant’s information in the DS-160 online application should be as accurate as possible. To edit your application, you need to retrieve it using your application identification number. If you are unable to retrieve your application, we recommend you accomplish a new DS-160.

  11. In my VISA application, I put my middle name as well as my father ‘s and mother’s middle name in the Surname portion? Would it be acceptable or should I amend this? Thanks.

  12. I have a valid 10 year NIV due to expire in April. I have successfully submitted my DS 160 and have qualified for the VRP. I am now looking forward to my confirmed appointment with the US Embassy Manila on March 12. However, going through my application which I printed for my own files, I failed to put my maiden name (for Other Names and Name Provided). Further, for type of visa applied, I input B1/B2, which is the visa I was granted previously. Browsing through the schedules for the MRV Fee, I understand this should be B2. Could you let me know please if there is still a way to amend my DS 160 after it has been submitted.
    Looking forward to your guidance.

    • Hi Sandra. Applicant’s information in the DS-160 online application should be as accurate as possible. To return to your application and edit the information, you must have your application ID. If you are unable to retrieve your application, we recommend you accomplish a new DS-160. If you need further assistance, you can contact the call center at (02) 982-5555 and (02) 902-8930. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Manila time, except on U.S.and Philippine holidays.

      • Hello,

        In Family Information: Spouse section;

        How i will write my spouse’s maiden surname.. For example, her surname is Black, maiden surname is White. How will we write her surname in the section?

        My second question; At US Point of Contact Information section, i dont know anyone in us, i want to go US for vacation. Can i write the hotel’s name that i will stay as organization name?


        • In the Spouse’s Full Name field, you should type your spouse’s full maiden name. (Format: Surname Field should be her maiden surname) With regard to your U.S. contact information, you can provide the hotel’s name.

          • I read all questions and answers above.. first of all, thanks for fast responses..

            I have 2 questions:

            1) I had the same problem above.. I am not sure if i I should write my spouse’s maiden surname if she doesnt use her maiden surname after marriage? Some people in European forums say, i neednt write my spouse’s maiden surname if she is not using it after marriage.. Iam so confused..I will write after your confirmation, i am waiting for your answer..

            2) I filled my travel estimated date recently but now i confirmed my plans, i have exact dates. But i cant change it now in the form, i want to change intended day to exact day.. how can i do it? why cant do it in the form?

            Thanks a lot.. Looking forward for your answers..

          • Hi Rafael. You need to provide your spouse’s full maiden name even if she does not use it anymore after marriage. With regard to editing the travel dates in your application, you must have your application ID to return to your application and edit the information. If you are unable to retrieve your application, we recommend you accomplish a new DS-160. If you need further assistance, you can contact the call center at (02) 982-5555 and (02) 902-8930. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Manila time, except on U.S. and Philippine holidays.

          • 1. For Spouse’s Full Name:
            eg. Surname: Black / Maiden surname: White
            Spouse surname: Whtie
            Spouse Given name: First name+middle name(single)
            So no need to put Black?

            2. For Purpose of Trip
            Usually VRP applications are B1/B2 previously
            So it is safe to choose the B1/B2 category even if for tourist purpose only?


          • Hi River,

            1.You should list your spouse’s complete name. Using your example- If your spouse’s name is Rosa Black and her maiden surname is
            White.Then she should list her maiden surname in the space: ‘Other Names Used’

            2. B1/B2 category is appropriate for tourist purposes.

    • Hi Sandra,
      How did you fix the “Other name” for maiden name? I was helping my grandmother filling up her application for B2 visa and failed to put her maiden name as well. Did you create new application? She also set an interview sched already this coming April.

      Hoping to here from you.
      Thanks a lot.

      • Hi Mary. You must have your grandmother’s application ID to return to her application and edit the information. If you are unable to retrieve the application, we recommend the applicant to accomplish a new DS-160. If you need further assistance, you can contact the call center at (02) 982-5555 and (02) 902-8930. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Manila time, except on U.S. and Philippine holidays.

  13. Hello

    Background: I have previously held an F1, and an H1-B visa for the United States. I never violated my visa terms, and I always entered and exited U.S. within the guidelines. I also have a completely clean record of living in the U.S. (no offenses, penalties, or crime record). I left the U.S. over a year ago to move back home for work and personal reasons. I am now looking to apply for a B1/B2 visa for myself and my mother (she has had NIVs before), who cannot travel alone, as we are trying to attend a wedding in the U.S. this April.

    In the spirit of being accurate and complete with my application, I have the following questions. Many thanks in advance for your guidance on these.

    1 – Although I haven’t been living in the U.S. for over a year, do I still need to remember and disclose my social security number on the DS-160?

    2 – I haven’t checked my credit score in the U.S. in a long time, particularly since I don’t live there anymore. Should I be concerned?

    3 – The last H1-B I received was in Dec 2007 from the U.S. embassy in London in the UK. I do not remember if I was Ten Printed or not. How should I address the ‘Ten Printed’ question? Yes or No? If I get this question wrong, purely because I cannot honestly recall, would this be a big issue?

    4 – I have worked for 4 different companies in the last 5 years. While entering my employment history for the last 5 years, the DS-160 online is not allowing me to enter more than two employers. The option to ‘add another’ does not allow me to enter another employer after entering two if them. Can you please advise on this.

    5 – I have never filed for, or intend to immigrate to the U.S., because I always wanted to move back. Given that I have spent a long time away from home living in the U.S., and have traveled considerably (over 15 countries in the last 10 years), is there anything else I should take into consideration while applying for the B1/B2.

    Again, many thanks for your time and help!

    • All questions in the DS-160 must be answered. You may answer a question with “Does Not Apply”, when that question does not apply to you. If you have a have a Social Security Number, then you must provide this in your application. In employment history, please enter the information regarding your previous two employers only. You may bring along a separate written list of your previous employers to the visa interview for reference. With regard to being ten-printed, please note that starting July 2007, visa applicants ages 14-79 were asked to give 10-print finger scans.

      To qualify for the visa, you should be able to demonstrate sufficiently strong familial, social, professional and economic ties to a country outside the United States that would compel return after your temporary stay in the United States. For information on ties, please read our previous blog post here.

      • MANY THANKS for your detailed reply; I greatly appreciated it, particularly given the demands on your time.

        I had to submit my DS-160 yesterday, and given I was unsure about the ‘Ten-Print’ question, I answered ‘NO’ to the question. I hope it is not a critical issue. I intend to clarify during the interview. I hope that is fine.

        Again thank you.

  14. Hello,
    I have applied for a DS-160 form for this upcoming summer, I was just wondering when I have my visa do I also need an esta form?
    Also if you could inform me upon when the US Embassy in London started using ten printed, this will aid me in completing the DS 160 form

    • Hi Emma. The DS-160 form is the online nonimmigrant visa electronic application. All nonimmigrant visa applicants are required to accomplish the DS-160 and comply with the procedures and requirements provided in our website.

      You asked about the ESTA form. ESTA, or the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, is used for citizens who live in countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). That is, they generally don’t need visas for short-term business and tourism in the U.S., but need the ESTA approval instead. If you are traveling on a visa, you don’t need ESTA. If you are a citizen of a VWP country, you may be able to travel without a visa, using ESTA. But you never need both. Please click here for more information on ESTA. To know more about VWP and which countries participate in this program, click here.

      Please contact the U.S. Embassy in London regarding your inquiry about ten-print finger scans.

  15. What if I already submitted my DS 160 form and I said that I already did the ten print scan, but I just saw in the reply here that those started July 2007. I got my visa June 2007. Do I need to submit a new form?


    • Hi Stephanie. The information on the DS-160 must be accurate. To return to your application and edit the form, you must have your application ID. If you need assistance, you can contact the call center at (02) 982-5555 and (02) 902-8930. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Manila time, except on U.S. and Philippine holidays.

  16. I am a student full time but I also have a part time job which I have not left yet. the ds160 form as asked me if I was previously employed but will not let me add my current job. do I have to add it, and if so, how do I add my current job?
    thank you.

    • Hi Elizabeth. You need only to provide the information that is required in your DS-160. If there is no question about your current job, you need not provide the information.

  17. Hi. I already accomplished a DS 160 and have an interview schedule in May. The conference (the reason why I am requesting for a B1/B2 visa) that I was supposed to attend was cancelled. However, I will also have to attend another business conference in October. Can I just create a new DS 160 stating the activity in October and disregard the first one that I’ve done? Can I do this without cancelling my appointment? Or should I need to start all over again? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Gina. If there are changes in your travel plans, you can simply edit your DS-160. You need not accomplish a new application. To return to your application, you must have your application ID. You can also proceed with your interview schedule in May and just bring your updated DS-160 confirmation page to your interview.

  18. i have 2 passport of different nationalities. my other passport has my mothers maiden name and my current Egyptian passport has my name and my father’s full name as this is how it is done here.
    should i tick on the other names used for my other passport name? should i write it as below sample where i put my mother’s maiden name in the given names:
    Surname: ali
    Given Names: nagla helmy

    My current Egyptian passport has my first name and my father’s full name. so how do i fill in the fields?
    surname: khaled t. ali
    given name: nagla
    Surname: ali
    Given names: nagla khaled t.

    Please advise. would truly appreciate hearing from you.

    • Hi Nagla. In accomplishing your DS-160, you should provide your name as how it was written in your passport. If you will use your current Egyptian passport to apply for the visa, then you should write your father’s full name in the Surname field, and Nagla in the First Name field. Your name in your other passport should be reflected in the Other Name(s) field. Thank you.

  19. I have applied for US visa but by mistake i wrote unemployed in the form DS-160. How can I change and get the fresh appointment date. Plz help

    • Applicant’s information in the DS-160 must be accurate. To return to your DS-160 and edit your work information, you will need your application ID. If you are unable to retrieve your application, you will need to accomplish a new DS-160. You can book your appointment by calling (02) 982-5555 or (02) 902-8930. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Manila time, except on U.S. and Philippine holidays. Appointments can also be booked online through http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph. Please note that if you have already booked your appointment prior to eding your DS-160, you need not reschedule. Thank you.

  20. Hi, I have accomplished my DS-160 form, submitted it electronically and set an appointment for June 18. Does that mean that I cannot make any changes anymore on my DS-160? Reading from the entries above, I failed to include my middle name, and the place where I will be staying has been changed since my relatives have moved residences. What will I do? Please help. Thank you :-)

    • Hi Lee. You must have your application ID to return to your application and edit the information in your DS-160. If you are unable to retrieve your application, we recommend you accomplish a new DS-160 and provide your middle name and edit the place where you will be staying. If you need further assistance, you can contact the call center at (02) 982-5555 and (02) 902-8930. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Manila time, except on U.S. and Philippine holidays.

  21. Dear All,
    I will be applying for a student visa in kolkata consulate, however I came to know shortly that there is a mistake in my mother’s name in my passport. It is printed as”BHARMILA” whereas it is actually “SHARMILA”. what should I fill up in the DS-160 form? the right one or the wrong one? I asked the consulate helpline, they told me to write the correct name and persuade the Visa officer during the time of interview. I am worried, I don’t want my visa to get rejected. please help.

    • We recommend that you contact the U.S. Consulate in Kolkata regarding your concerns. (VISAtisfied Voyager is the visa blog of U.S. Embassy Manila, Philippines.)

  22. What if we already have a scheduled appointment but notices on DS-160 application that i put the wrong home address? Do i need to make a new application? Thanks!

    • Hi Apple. The information in the DS-160 must be accurate. To return to your application and edit the home address, you need your application ID. If you will be unable to edit your DS-160, you need to accomplish a new DS-160 and submit the updated application. Thank you.

  23. the DS 160 form asked me for my national identified number and social security number. I’m an international student study in the U.S. I have a job on campus, so I got the social security number. Is it ok if I fill in my SSN and my national indentified number in the form?

  24. i mistakenly filled business/personal on the ds 160 form and am actually applying for a tourist visa and my interview is for the 20th of june,and i also have some amendment to make on the form but i cant retrieve it again as i have submitted it. kindly advise what i need to do. kindly assist as i am out of time

    • Information on how to return to your DS-160 and edit the information in your application is found in the DS-160 Frequently Asked Questions webpage at http://travel.state.gov/visa/forms/forms_4401.html. To return and edit the information in the DS-160, you will need to enter your application ID number, and answer other questions as prompted. If you need further assistance, you can call 02) 982-5555 or (02) 902-8930. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Manila time, except on U.S. and Philippine holidays..

  25. Hello,

    I plan to travel to the u.s. with my mother this summer. She filled out her DS-160 and submitted it electronically. While filling out my DS-160 I realized that she was not asked as many questions as I was, specifically in the work-education related questions. She was only asked for her current work information, not her previous work information or her education background. I was asked for my current and previous work information and my educational background. Is there a reason why this might have happened? Was it an error in the website? Should we fill out a new DS-160 for her? Please advise us in this matter.

    Best regards,

    • Roberto, different applicants can be asked different questions on the DS-160. As long as you filled out all questions you were asked, you do not need to fill out a new application.

  26. Hello,

    I applied for a tourist visa B1/B2. I have three sisters living there in the US. A friend told me that this will affect my application negatively. I am still a student here at home, I already submitted my application but I have not booked for the interview. Should I remove their details even though I submitted the application? Thank you

    • Ana, you must provide true and correct information in your visa application. If you have sisters living in the US, then you must provide this information in your application.

  27. Greetings,
    I am filling up my DS160 and i have the following doubts. Kindly help me with this.
    1. I am currently unemployed. In the Present Work/Education, should i fill “Currently not employed” or should i fill “NA”. Also for the rest of the page asking for work address etc i have filled “NA”. Is it all right to have almost the whole page filled with “NA”?
    2. In the previous work page can i also add paid internship as work experience? It was actually a compulsory internship which was part of the curriculum.
    Awaiting your response

    • Bennison, you can write “unemployed” or something to that effect on your application. Under work experience, please add anything you feel is relevant to your application.

  28. Hello
    I indicated my monthly salary approximately (for instance 2000 instead of 2015) . Do the small amount differences cause problem? Would I calculate and provide an “exact” amount?

  29. Hi

    I need help with this questions about present work in ds160 form . I have been working working with same company for 3 yrs . I started with a different position on which worked for 2.5 yrs and now moved to another position (different department)within same company and been working for half an year now but on a different address.
    So do i need to mention my previous position within same company under previous employment history or just mention my current position under my present work information in form?

  30. Hi,

    Could you please help me with employment section.
    I’ve got new job and haven’t quit the other one yet.
    So I have two current jobs.
    How can include my ‘other’ job?

  31. hello!
    I am applying for tourist visa….I am a business woman . I already filled up all required question in DS-160 online application form except for my monthly salary, would it be affect my application for tourist visa?
    Thank you!

    • Amor, when you come for your interview you will have a chance to add your monthly salary during the pre-screening process.

  32. Hi,
    I accidentally sent an email to a consulate asking general ds-160 questions and stating that I already had a visa issued at some previous specific date; I was actually supposed to send it to my friend who wanted help in framing the email. Am I/my friend in trouble since I don’t think anybody with my name at the end of the email would have a visa issued at that date? I hope that’s not a big issue. I suddenly got filled with so much fear when i realized this 2 days after sending it. I know it looks really stupid.

  33. Hello i filled a ds 160 form but i did not put my middle name , but i have my appointment this aug. can i make a new one ds 160 then schedule a new appointment?

    • Riane, you can edit and update the information in your DS-160. To return to your application and add your middle name, you need to enter your application ID and answer questions as prompted.. Information on how to return to your DS-160 and edit the information in your application is also found in the DS-160 Frequently Asked Questions webpage . You don’t need to make a new appointment only because you have edited the DS-160 or completed a new application.. Updating the information in the DS-160 does not affect the appointment.

  34. i am sorry but u didn’t answer me!
    I filled the application DS 160 for my mother, and I signed it ,using her name, it looks like she did, but in fact, she lives in africa, and i live in california, so, I thought it’s fine, cus she doesn’t know how to read and write, but unfortunately, I found out, she has to click the botton !
    so, please tell me, how to fix this mistake??
    thank you

    • Ahmed, visa applicants are required to electronically sign their DS-160 application. The electronic signature certifies that the applicant has read and understood the questions in the application and that the answers are true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief. Your mother and the person who will assist her will be able to retrieve the DS-160 application that you accomplished using the visa application ID number and answering a security question. To retrieve the application, go to the DS-160 online application page, choose “Option C-Retrieve Application”, enter the application ID, then hit “Create a New Application”. The information that you entered will populate the form. The applicant must check that the information is accurate. Then the third party must instruct your mother on how to endorse the application by clicking the “Sign Application” button.

  35. Hello, I answered YES to the question “Have you been previously employed?” and then it said to give my employment history for the last five years (if applicable). I haven’t worked for more than ten years. Should I just answer NO or should I put in my last job?

    • Angel, if you were previously employed then please enter the information about your previous employment. Thank you.

  36. Hi all, I dont have an address to stay in the U.S. i want to go to a hotel, what should I answer to that question, Thanks.

  37. Good morning ,
    I am worried because I have my interview in 4 days and I put “does not apply” on the section in which I had to enter my national identification number. I thought i haven’t one but I found out in my passport that I had a “personal number” and i’m not really sure but think it is my national identification number . Is it a major mistake ? …When i was scheduling my appointment at the embassy of my residence country , they didn’t ask me my DS 160 confirmation code . so , can I fill out a new one and go to my interview? I tried to call my embassy but i didn’t manage to reach them …Please what can I do?

    • You don’t need to edit your DS-160 if you are not sure about your national ID number. You may proceed to your interview and just inform the Embassy staff who will screen your documents about it. Thank you.

  38. Hi, I have an important question on Security questions in the DS 160 form. I am applying for a L1 visa and my company is providing the petition.

    In the form in the security and background there is question:

    “Have you ever been unlawfully present, overstayed the amount of time granted by an immigration official or otherwise violated the terms of a US visa official”

    > Does this apply for US visa only?

    > Sometime back I overstayed my visa in European country by a few days. This was only a few days—-> I am wondering what should my reply be. Does this jeopardize anything?

    Thanks in advance.

      • Wow that is a relief–

        Will the above ‘overstaying visa by 4 days in europe be a deterrent’ — is there a way they can know this. If asked this question in interview what would your advise be?

        • Ron, please answer all questions on the application and in the interview honestly. Any misrepresentation may lead to visa refusal.

        • We can only advise that you be honest with the consular officer in your interview. Lying or being evasive may hurt your credibility with the consular officer as he or she determines whether you meet the requirements of the visa class for which you’ve applied. There is no US immigration ineligibility for having overstayed a visa in another country.

  39. Should I have included my middle name on the DS160 form that has been submitted? It was a bit confusing since on the Given Name field it specifically said “as it appears in Passport” In my passport my middle name is not listed under Given Name instead it is listed in another field under Middle Name.

    Please advise, do i need to submit another ds160 form?


    • Nathan, to avoid delay in the processing of your application, it is best the your DS-160 has the complete information. Your middle name should be provided after the first name, in the given name field. To return to your application and update your DS-160, you will need to go to the online DS-160 application page, choose retieve application, enter your application ID, and answer a security question. After updating your DS-160, you need to submit it again and print a new confirmation page.

      • Hi! I have the same case as Nathan. I’ve already confirmed the application form when I realized I needed to add Middle name in the First name field. If I create a new application form, doesnt it mean I need to reschedule my Visa appointment? Is there any other way? I cannot afford to resched it anymore as I need to be in the US by 2nd week of October to attend an occasion. Thanks!

        • You do not need to reschedule your interview appointment. You need only to print the new DS-160 confirmation page and bring it to your interview together with the other application requirements provided in the Nonimmigrant Visas’ website. Thank you.

  40. Hi, I have a question regarding the previous working experience. I am planning to schedule an appointment next month and I am filling DS160 now. I am currently employed but the contract will end in few weeks (before the interview date). So I should be unemployed during the time of interview. However, the “previous work experience” section only allow me to select a end date before today. So should I just select today as the end date? or should I say I am currently employed and fill it in the “present working experience” section? Thank you!

    • Winston, you can list your job as current work experience, as you are still working at the job now. At your interview, you will have a chance to clarify.

  41. Since coming home from overseas,I’ve been working part time as a private tutor and I usually go to my students’ homes to teach. I am not connected with any institution. I chose not to work full time since I have an application for work in another country and I am waiting for my letter of invite. Should I still put my present occupation and what about the address?

    • Karrie, you can put private tutor as your occupation if this is your current work. The address is where your clients can contact you. Thank you.

  42. Hi, I already have a confirmed DS-160, and a schedule interview date. I did not put my middle name included in the given name. I tried to edit my DS-160 but it says it is already confirmed, and it is giving me the option to do another one. Should I do another one? My interview confirmation has my ID # already DS-160 Confirmation # already..

  43. Dear Sir. or Madam, Yesterday I got my and my wife’s passports with USA immigrant visa and also 2 packages. I noticed something in it and also on the package that the embassy sent.
    In my Syrian Passport there is written:

    Given name: Ashot
    Surname: Brown
    Father Name: Tom

    When I got my visa package yesterday I noticed that on immigrant visa page and also on the package You wrote the following:

    Given name: Ashot Tom
    Surname: Papazian

    Will I have a problem concerning this on the USA board when entering?
    and also I noticed that my case number and my wife’s case number last 1 number differ, mine is AMM2011851120001, my wife’s is AMM201185112002? Must it be like that?

    • Thank you for your interest in the VISAtisfied Voyager.

      You may call the Embassy’s Immigrant Visa Unit at (632) 301-2000 ext. 5184/5185 regarding your concerns. You may also send an email to IVMAnilaReplies@state.gov with your name and case number clearly indicated.

  44. Hello, I need quick help. My company is processing my L1B. Im in process of filling up DS160…my issue is Im divorsed and remarried, my passport still has my ex dpouse name. But i wanna file L2 of my current spouse then what should I put in my marital status? And should I mention my current spouse name on DS160? Plz help ASAP….

    • Thanks for posting your inquiry on Visatisfied Voyager. If you are currently married, then you should put “married” in marital status and provide the name of your current spouse. With regard to your name in your current passport if you will qualify for the visa, the name in your passport will be reflected in your visa. Should you wish to have a visa under your current married name, we suggest that you apply for a new passport that will be in your current married name. In issuing visas, the Embassy follows the applicant’s name in the passport..

  45. Hi, we are presently staying in Singapore and our passports were renewed hrough the phil embassy consulate. In filling out the passport info, can we put under the city/country “Philippine Embassy Singapore”? thanks

    • Marie, you should put “Philippiines” for passport country and “Phil. Embassy Singapore” in passport’s place of issuance. Thank you.

  46. Hi! I have some questions regarding the DS-160 form (applying for H1B):

    - “Full Name in Native Alphabet”: Are we required to fill it out (in the Philippines)? If so, any format required?

    - “Date of Attendance” for the School attended: Are they strict on the exact dates? I honestly can’t remember the exact start and end dates.

    - “Given Names”: In the Philippines, is the format FIRST_NAME MIDDLE_NAME? Also how about the Mother’s Given name and Father’s Given name?

    - “National Identification Number”: Do we have this in the Philippines?

    - “Are there other persons traveling with you?”: Should I answer “No” even if I have 3 other friends that are applying for H1B for the same company/employer?

    Thanks in advance. Sorry if there questions that are easily answerable . I just want to make sure they are valid.

    • Arvin, here are the answers to your questions regarding the DS-160:
      - You can choose does not apply to “Full Name n Native Alphabet” and “National Identification Number”.
      - If you do not remember the exact date of your school attendance, you can provide an approximate date. However, please note that It is best to provide exact information in the application.
      - The format for names: Surname, First Name, Middle Name
      - In “Persons travelling with you”: You should answer Yes to this question if you are traveling with family, as part of an organized tour, or as part of a performing group or athletic team. You do not need to list individuals who are traveling with you for the purposes of employment with the same employer.

      You can also visit our website for information about the DS-160.

  47. Related to DS 160. Seems that my mother is not required to input any previous experience or education since she has worked at the same workplaces (current) for the last 5 years. On the contrary, my father had to give details not only about previous employers, but also education.
    Is there a difference between men and women completion of DS 160? And can you please confirm that only stating present working experience (which has been the same for the last 5 years) is fine?

    Thank you,

    • Not all applicants encounter the same questions in the DS-160 online nonimmigrant visa application. The questions that will be asked to an applicant will depend on the information he or she has initially entered in his or her DS-160. Visa applicants need only to answer the questions that come up in their DS-160 application form. Thank you.

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