Life in America (IV)


Bong Voyage, VISAtisfied Voyager’s perpetual visa applicant, is at the Embassy and was just issued his immigrant visa.  He has a few questions for the American Consul, Jimmy Murdochs, about life in America.

Bong Voyage:  Thank you for issuing my immigrant visa!  I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and now all my dreams are about to come true.  I have a few questions, though, and would need your advice.  People say life is easy in the U.S.  Do you think I can make it there?

Consul:  It’s true that the standard of living is relatively high in the United States, but just like everywhere else in the world, different people have different experiences, and life can be difficult.  While you may earn more money in the U.S. than in the Philippines, goods and services can be more expensive as well.  Some newcomers are surprised to learn that Americans often work long hours, and we generally get less vacation time than in other countries.  The pace of work and daily activities in the U.S. can be fast.  While life may not always be easy, if you work hard you can create a good life for yourself and your family in the U.S.

Bong Voyage:  Another question:  Do you think money is all I need to think about, and then I’m all set to travel?

Consul:  Traveling abroad is never easy, especially if it involves migration; it is a major change in one’s life.  When you become a permanent resident in the U.S., you have decided to call it your home.  Adjusting to this new life takes time.  There are a lot of things you will probably want to consider before, during, and after your move:

•        Finding a place to live

•        Getting a social security number and driver’s license

•        Getting a job

•        Registering your children for school

•        Finding healthcare

•        Locating English language and adult education classes

•        Preparing for emergencies      

•        Finding community organizations that assist immigrants

Bong Voyage:  Thank you for all your responses.  You have been really helpful.  Those are all my questions for now, and I am hoping you could still assist me next time.  Until then…

2 thoughts on “Life in America (IV)

  1. thanks for sharing and posting dis blog. Its very helpful and useful as a guide to al0t of newc0mers like me…more power to us embassy…=)

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