Road Safety Overseas

On May 24, 2011, in Berlin, Frankfurt, Main, by For the People

Driving in GermanyDid you know over a million people are killed in road accidents every year? That most of the victims are not even in the car, but bystanders? That hundreds of U.S. citizens are among those killed and injured in these accidents? Can you avoid becoming one of them? Check out the State Department’s info on Road Safety in Germany. Please read it to see if you want to drive in the place(s) you are going. It is important to understand the rules and laws of the road in other countries!

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  1. Rosana says:

    Well, it would be great if we Americans were allowed to drive here in Germany without paying hundred of Euros??? I am from California and have to pay 300 Euros to be able to drive here.

    How come Germans legally staying in the USA can get a Driver License if they pay the application fee? In California only 31$

    ALL Canadian provinces and territories have full license reciprocity with Germany, how come we do not not have the same benefit?